Manhunt nabs Va. Beach man

Published 9:17 am Tuesday, April 28, 2009

EURE – A Virginia Beach man faces numerous charges in Gates County following an eight-hour manhunt on Saturday.

Danny Richard Danenberg Jr., 32, currently sits in the Chowan County Jail under a $28,000 secured bond. He faces a laundry list of charges in Gates County, including felony breaking & entering, larceny of a vehicle and speed to elude arrest. Danenberg also stands charged with numerous misdemeanors: DWI, careless and reckless driving, resist/delay/obstruct, failure to stop for a blue light and siren, possession of open container of alcohol, driving while consuming alcohol and driving left of center.

An arrest warrant for hit and run was issued in Hertford County against Danenberg. Charges may also be pending, upon further investigation, from the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission as well as from the North Carolina State Highway Patrol.

Gates County Sheriff Ed Webb said the ordeal began just after daybreak on Saturday at which time Danenberg allegedly attempted to purchase beer.

“The merchants from whom Mr. Danenberg attempted to purchase beer from noted he already appeared to under the influence and refused to sell to him,” Webb said.

Danenberg then drove to Hertford County, stopping at a Winton convenience store where he allegedly struck a vehicle parked at the gas pump and then fled the scene, heading back into Gates County on US 13 north.

“It was after the incident in Winton where (GCSO) Sgt. Glynda Parker met the suspect vehicle, a 1999 Dodge Durango, driving in a careless and reckless manner,” Webb said.

Activating the blue light and siren on her vehicle, Sgt. Parker attempted to stop the suspect. Webb reported the Durango finally pulled over at the intersection of US 13 and Tinkham Road.

“But he took off again, this time nearly striking a vehicle traveling on US 13 before making a wide turn and took out the road signs at 13 and Tinkham,” the Sheriff reported.

Webb said the suspect vehicle then sped down Tinkham Road, traveling in excess of 90 mph. However, Danenberg lost control of the vehicle as it entered a sharp curve, ran off the left side of the road and through a ditch before crashing into a wooded cut-over area. From there, Danenberg ran from the vehicle into a heavily wooded area.

With citizen volunteers and turkey hunters surrounding the perimeter, several law enforcement officers scoured the woods and old homes searching for Danenberg. Meanwhile, a NC Wildlife Commission airplane and, later, a NC Highway Patrol helicopter searched the ground from the sky.

“We learned around lunchtime that the person we were looking for was camping with a female acquaintance at Gatlington Beach,” Webb said. “We went and spoke with that woman, learning that the vehicle driven by the suspect actually belonged to her and was taken without her permission.”

Webb said Danenberg was seen on several occasions along portions of Sand Banks Road, but by the time lawmen arrived, the suspect had ducked for cover.

“We received a report somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 p.m. that the suspect had hitched a ride to Dave’s Place (a convenience store located on US 13 north of the Chowan River bridge),” Webb said. “We called the store and, sure enough, they said there was a man standing in their parking lot matching the description of our suspect.”

The NCHP helicopter moved into position near Dave’s Place and the pilot witnessed the suspect get into a black pick-up truck and leave the premises traveling north on US 13. That truck didn’t travel very far as it was met and stopped by numerous law enforcement vehicles at which time Danenberg was placed under arrest without further incident.

Meanwhile, Webb received additional information regarding a residential break-in on the Sand Banks Road in the Boonetown community. There, building materials and tools were reportedly stolen.

“We received information from a turkey hunter that saw a person leaving that residence, a person matching Mr. Danenberg’s description,” Webb said.

Danenberg’s first court date is set for Monday, May 4.

Sheriff Webb thanked all the law enforcement agencies involved in the manhunt and eventual arrest.

“It was a long day for all of us,” Webb closed.