Act now to beat the ‘buzz’

Published 3:00 pm Thursday, April 16, 2009

If spring has indeed sprung, then that means only one thing…mosquitoes are destined to soon make their arrival.

These pesky little creatures not only create a nuisance for those working or playing outside, but they also pose serious health issues.

Now is the time to make a preemptive strike against West Nile Virus by eliminating the places mosquitoes use to breed.

Check around your yard for tarps or covers that may retain puddles of water.

Rain gutters are filled with rotting leaves still left over from the fall. These leaves will create shallow pools when it rains, so clean out gutters and spouting.

Outdoor flowerpots or other containers used for gardening or other yard work fill with water and give mosquitoes a great place to breed. Either take these containers inside or make sure you dump the water every few days.

Old tires are notorious as mosquito breeding grounds. If there are no plans to use these tires, properly dispose of them. If not, dump the water that gathers in them twice a week.

These are simple things to look for that will enhance the beauty of your home and help prevent a deadly disease from breeding in your back yard.

The best treatment for any disease is to not come into contact with it.