Policy changes approved

Published 2:30 pm Tuesday, April 7, 2009

JACKSON — Sometimes change can be good, especially if it garners revenue.

On Monday, the Northampton County Board of Commissioners approved policy changes to the Cultural and Wellness Center that will help bring in revenue for the multi-purpose complex.

Recreation Director James Roberts said under the new policy, the block of time that the center can be rented out has been changed from eight hours to five hours. A charge of $60 per hour has been added for any additional time the center is rented outside of the five-hour block.

“In order for the center to start making some revenue these changes need to be implemented,” said Roberts. “The center at this time is not making any revenue from the events. Changing from an eight to five-hour block will ensure some revenue.”

Roberts said it costs $400 to operate the center each eight hour block, including housekeeping materials. He added going to a five hour block would save the center $150 per event.

Another change is to charge non-profits one-half of the rental fee for use of the facility. County Attorney Charles Vaughan suggested the language be changed to “non-profits/tax exempt.”

A requirement for department heads to sign out a key and provide supervising responsibilities at certain events will also save the center money.

“These changes will support our efforts in meeting our overall budget by replacing the need for recreational staff at these particular events,” said Roberts.

The commissioners agreed to approve the policies, with the addition of revising “non-profits” to “non-profits/tax exempt,” as recommended by Vaughan.

The motion passed without objection.