Code enforcement officer reports on M’boro properties

Published 8:43 am Tuesday, March 31, 2009

MURFREESBORO – Gene Flowers, code enforcement officer for the Town of Murfreesboro, last week reported to the town council on the status of a number of properties and heard his work commended by Town Administrator Cathy Davison.

“Gene is doing an excellent job,” Davison said, “and is very diligent in following the codes of the Town.”

The code enforcement officer’s report included:

Cleaning has begun on 383 Franklin Dr., which is owned by Darrell Duck;

A zoning permit has been purchased by Andrea McNally for 110 Spring Lake Dr.;

A permit has been secured and repairs are ongoing at 407 E. Main Street, owned by George Gardner;

Repairs to Zakk’s at 343 E. Main St. have satisfied the building inspector and the business has reopened;

Also, cleanup of the alleyway at Zakk’s is in progress;

A burned home owned by Virginia Brown on Scott St. is being removed;

Bids are being sought for removal of the county-owned service station at Highway 258 and Main Street;

A lot on Broad Street in the historical district is being cleaned up;

A request for condemnation has been issued for the property at 401 Vance St.;

A request for condemnation has been issued for the property at 205 Third St., a dilapidated, vacant house;

Old appliances behind Ruffin Bros. have been cleaned up;

Al Ahmeed has been advised to remove trash and building materials at the Speedway site;

Al Ahmeed has been advised to secure a building permit and display it at the Speedway site;

Wood Beasley has been advised twice (once by letter and once by phone) to clean up property near the Lowe’s center;

Joseph Ferqui has been advised to fix up and clean up his parents’ home site on Woodland;

Flowers and Town Administrator Cathy Davison have discussed ways to improve the appearance of the old Riverside property near the cemetery;

Oil drums behind Johnny Jenkins’ office are to be removed once material in them has been analyzed;

The owners of the properties at 311, 312 and 313 Jay Trail have removed dead trees;

Tall grass behind Ace Hardware has been cut;

A lot belonging to CVS has been cleaned up – “They did not realize they owned it,” the code enforcement officer told the council;

A utility building behind the home at 106 W. Broad Street has a badly deteriorated roof. The owner of the property lives in New Jersey, but a neighbor is in contact with the owner and will notify him of the town’s concerns and suggest demolishing the building.