Bertie heritage book on tap

Published 6:27 pm Saturday, March 14, 2009

WINDSOR – The heritage of Bertie County is the topic of a book that is being put together by the Windsor-Bertie County Chamber of Commerce.

“We believe this is an exciting project and we’re inviting people to get involved with us,” said Chamber Executive Director Collins Cooper. “The book will celebrate our heritage and our history.”

The book will be a new, hardbound volume called “Bertie County, NC Heritage 2009.” It is being published by County Heritage Inc. The deadline for submissions and purchase is slated for May 5.

Stories are being sought on ancestors, churches, clubs and community organizations.

The household limit is 500 words for family genealogy and history and one photograph. If the family came to Bertie County by or before 1870, the limit is 1,000 words and two photos.

The chamber is encouraging people to include dates and locations of births, marriages, deaths and funerals as well as family stories and, most importantly, when the family came to Bertie County.

Churches are allowed to submit their histories up to 250 words with one photograph. Churches who are more than 100 years old may submit 400 words.

People may also submit a military service biographical sketch. This may include 100 words and one photograph.

The articles must be submitted double-spaced and typed on plain white paper. Articles in all caps will not be accepted. A hard copy of the article must be included, but text on discs, using Microsoft Word or Word Perfect, will also be accepted.

Photos should be glossy if possible. Black and white photos are preferred, but color photos will be accepted as will studio quality prints. Laser copies will not be accepted nor will copies, negatives or faded Polaroid photos.

Articles cannot harm or embarrass others and no genealogical charts or tabular material can be used.

“We want broad-based participation in this project,” said Cooper. “We are hoping that everyone throughout the county will have information they will provide for us. We look forward to sharing that information through this book.”

The books must be purchased in advance. The cost is $55 for books that are picked up at the Chamber of Commerce office and $64.50 for those wishing to have it shipped to their home.

More information and a brochure with sample articles are available at the Windsor-Bertie County Chamber office located across from Livermon Zoo and Park on York Street. For more information, call the Chamber office at 794-4277.