Happy Birthday – Hertford County

Published 5:13 pm Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It was a year that witnessed the marriage of George Washington to Martha Custis, the incorporation of the first life insurance company on what would later become American soil and the birth of legendary poet Robert Burns.

The year was 1759….17 years shy of the formation of the United States of America. But yet in the northeastern corner of North Carolina, Hertford County was born.

Now, 250 years later, Hertford County is rolling out the red carpet and inviting its citizens and guests to participate in a year-long birthday celebration.

Putting together such a worthy event takes months of careful planning. That’s exactly what a group of 14 local individuals have recently tackled.

This group has risen to the challenge of mapping out what will become the biggest birthday party ever witnessed in our little corner of the world. From a kick-off celebration in Winton on Dec. 29, one where 250 balloons were released, to an anniversary-themed Winton Christmas Parade on Dec. 12, 2009, the upcoming year is full of 250th birthday activities.

June 2009 is set aside as Hertford County Appreciation Month. School Involvement Month is scheduled for March 2009.

Even traditional Hertford County events – Relay for Life (April 24-25), NC Watermelon Festival (July 29 – Aug. 4), Ahoskie Heritage Day (Sept. 11-12), Meherrin Indian Pow Wow (Oct. 23-25), Atlantic District Fair (Oct. 26 – Nov. 1) and the African-American Festival (Nov. 7) – will take on a 250th anniversary theme.

Additionally, the Town of Murfreesboro is planning special events on Jan. 6 to celebrate its 222nd birthday.

Thanks to the hard work of Barbara Archer, Linda Blackburn, Cathy Davison, Johnnie Ray Farmer, Ronald Gatling, Josephine Greene, Ralph Hewitt, Reba Green-Holley, Wilda Liverman, Joe Murray, Melody Storey, Gay Sumner, Patricia Weaver and Loria Williams, Hertford County citizens as well as all residents of the Roanoke-Chowan area will be treated to a special birthday that will long be remembered.

We salute their efforts and encourage everyone to attend and enjoy a long list of events they have planned.