Bertie audit receives thumbs-up

Published 5:06 pm Tuesday, December 30, 2008

WINDSOR — Bertie County Commissioners didn’t hear anything they didn’t expect at their most recent meeting. There, Jeff Best of Pittard, Perry and Crone delivered the annual audit report to the commissioners. The board members had been kept abreast of all financial statements since July under the direction of Pittard, Perry and Crone. Bertie County Manager Zee Lamb has been giving financial statements to the commissioners on a monthly basis. “They have been given more information than they want sometimes,” Lamb joked. “You need to familiarize yourself with the statements and keep up with the county’s financial condition because you are responsible,” Best said. The report revealed a successful year for the county. Best reported that the county only transferred $21,000 in fund balance for the 2007-2008 fiscal year. That was compared to a budgeted transfer of $820,000. Pittard, Perry and Crone gave Bertie County an unqualified report for the Financial Statements, meaning they received the highest possible rating. There were no significant deficiencies identified in the schedule of findings and questioned costs. The same report was issued for Federal Awards and State Awards. In the Financial Statement Findings, only one issue was noted. “The County should reconcile the water revenues and receivables per monthly billings and collections to the General Ledger,” the audit said. “The County should also monitor on a monthly basis the allowance accounts.” The county’s water receivables and revenues on the General Ledger were not matching the monthly reports, thus creating the issue. The county agreed with the findings and implemented a new procedure immediately, according to the report. There were no other significant findings in the report. In other business, the board: * appointed Commissioner J. Wallace Perry and Vice Chairman L.C. Hoggard III to the Golden Leaf grant review committee; * approved minutes from the November 17 meeting; * adopted a resolution authorizing the solicitation of RFPs for an ortho imaging project; and * approved the bond for Register of Deeds Belinda White.