‘Tis the season for safety

Published 3:40 pm Sunday, December 21, 2008

With Dec. 25 fast approaching, Roanoke-Chowan area residents will undoubtedly pack their cars full of gifts and head off for family functions traditionally held at this special time of the year.

Meanwhile, others will attend Christmas parties…business or organization related holiday events or a causal get-together with friends.

Unless it’s a church-related gathering, there’s a good chance that alcohol will be served at these Christmas parties. Whether it’s just a simple glass of Egg-Nog containing a splash of adult spirits or a party featuring a lavish bar full of various types of alcohol, holiday events are synonymous with the consumption of adult beverages.

Adults over the age of 21 are legally permitted to consume alcohol in the state of North Carolina. We will not condemn those of legal age who choose to do so.

What we, as a society, should not tolerate are those of legal age who choose to drink and then get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.

For way too many years, this newspaper has had the unfortunate task of reporting alcohol-related fatalities on our local roadways. When those fatalities occur during the Christmas season, it simply breaks one’s heart.

One fatal wreck caused by a drunk driver is one too many, in our opinion, but they are all so easily avoidable.

If you choose to make an adult decision to consume alcohol, why not follow that up with a second adult decision…hand you keys over to a sober person and have them drive you home. Better yet, make prior arrangements to spend the night at the place you are consuming alcohol.

The best gift you can give yourself as well as innocent motorists on the highway is choosing not to drink and drive.