Teacher faces disciplinary action

Published 3:31 pm Sunday, December 21, 2008

COLERAIN – An incident that started in frivolity is being taken seriously by administrators in Bertie County Schools.

A teacher at Colerain Elementary School allegedly taped the mouths of students in her classroom late last week. While the district says the first-year teacher was not doing it as a form of discipline, they are reacting to the matter.

“It was done in a playful way,” Bertie Superintendent of Schools Dr. Chip Zullinger said. “It was not done with the intention of disciplining children. It was not done in anger.”

Despite that fact, however, Dr. Zullinger said the school district is treating the incident seriously.

“My take is that it was a first-year teacher kind of mistake,” Dr. Zullinger said. “The teacher is going to be disciplined for the offense, but this teacher shows great promise and is supported by her principal.”

The superintendent said the type of discipline against the teacher was something he couldn’t discuss, citing North Carolina General Statute restrictions.

Dr. Zullinger said school district staff, including Assistant Superintendent Kenneth Perry, met with any parents of Colerain Elementary students who were concerned about the incident.

“We talked to all of the kids who were witness to the events,” Dr. Zullinger said.