Holloman seeks to slow traffic on Pine Ridge Road

Published 10:26 am Tuesday, December 16, 2008

AHOSKIE – New development brings new problems.

During the public input period at last week’s Ahoskie Town Council meeting, Robert Holloman pitched an idea to the town’s elected leaders in regards to slowing down traffic on Pine Ridge Road.

That area of town, located in front of Hertford County High School, has experienced recent commercial and residential development.

“With the new road back there, people are speeding; something needs to be done to slow them down before someone gets hurt,” said Holloman, who resides on Pine Ridge Road.

Holloman then requested that town officials need to look at installing speed bumps on Pine Ridge Road.

“If a child or a dog ran out into the street in front of someone that was speeding, the driver would not have the time to slow down,” Holloman noted. “If there were speed bumps, that would slow them down.”

Holloman was reminded by Ahoskie Mayor Linda Blackburn that the public input period was to take comments. No action is taken by the council, but they can opt to place it on the agenda at a future meeting for discussion.

In the meantime, Ahoskie Police Chief Troy Fitzhugh said at last week’s council meeting that he would assign an officer to observe the traffic on Pine Ridge Road.

“We will wait for the report from the police department and go from there,” Mayor Blackburn told Holloman.

In another public input matter, Rev. Roy Faison updated town officials on a plan by several churches to hold a “Super Sunday” event at the new Ahoskie Amphitheater in August of next year.

“God gave me a vision about this place,” Rev Faison said, referencing the Amphitheater. “What we want to do is start promoting this vision.”

Rev. Faison said the event, planning for the fifth Sunday of August 2009, will hopefully attract members of churches located within a 50-mile radius of Ahoskie.

Mayor Blackburn told Rev. Faison he needed to follow all the guidelines set forth regarding rental of the Amphitheater and fill out an application to rent the facility.