Northampton records 70 percent turnout

Published 2:36 am Wednesday, November 5, 2008

JACKSON—Northampton County had its say in a historic presidential race as voters came to the polls in droves on Tuesday.

According to the unofficial results provided by the Northampton County Board of Elections Office, 70 percent of the county’s register voters turned out to cast a ballot bearing their decisions.

Of the 15,257 registered voters in the 18 districts located in the county, 10,721 voters (including one stop and absentee ballots) participated in the General Election.

Board of Election officials said the voter turnout in this election is one of the largest the county has seen.

Voters largely favored the nationally victorious Democratic presidential candidate ticket. Barack Obama and his vice presidential running mate Joe Biden received 6,893 (65 percent) votes.

The Republican presidential hopeful John McCain and vice presidential running mate Sarah Palin obtained 3,662 (34 percent) votes.

The Libertarian presidential ticket, consisting of Bob Barr and Wayne Allyn Root, acquired 34 votes.

Democratic Senator candidate Kay Hagan swept the race in Northampton County, receiving 7,288 votes, 69 percent of the votes cast for senator.

Current Senator Elizabeth Dole attained 3,105 (29 percent) votes and Libertarian candidate Christopher Cole received 148 votes.

Democrat Bev Perdue, unofficially declared the winner statewide, captured the most votes for the governor’s seat with 7,682 votes (72 percent). Republican Pat McCrory received 2,723 (25 percent) and Libertarian Michael C. Munger received 134 votes.

Northampton County voters helped G.K. Butterfield secure his seat as the current 1st district Congressman received 7,643 votes (74 percent) over Republican candidate Dean Stephens who attained 2,723 votes (25 percent).

Democratic Lt. Governor candidate Walter H. Dalton secured his ticket within the county with 7,613 votes as did current Attorney General Roy Cooper who received 8,234 votes.

Current department of Public Instruction Superintendent June Atkinson received the majority of the county’s votes with 7,506.

Northampton County voters strongly showed their support for the Democratic Party. More than 6,031 voters chose a straight Democratic Party vote while 1,233 voted a straight Republican ticket.

Other democratic candidates in state offices favored by Northampton County voters are as follows:

State Auditor-Beth A. Wood with 7,505 votes.

Commissioner of Agriculture-Ronnie Ansley with 7,220 votes.

Commissioner of Insurance-Wayne Goodwin with 7,485 votes.

Commissioner of Labor-Mary Fant Donnon with 7,314 votes.

Secretary of State-Elaine F. Marshall with 7.790 votes.

State Treasurer-Janet Cowell with 7,343 votes.

Uncontested local races included the following:

State Senate (4th district)- Sen. Ed Jones received 8,192 votes.

State House (27th district)- Rep. Michael H. Wray received 8,677 votes.

County Commissioner (District One)-Commissioner James E. Hester received 8,454 votes.

County Commissioner (District Two)- Commissioner Virginia Spruill received 8,006 votes.

County Register of Deeds-Pauline Deloatch received 8,358 votes.

District Court 6B Judicial-Judge Thomas R. Newbern received 6,570 votes.

Board of Elections Director Susie Squire said provisional ballots will be counted on November 14.