Site construction work underway at NCCAR

Published 7:03 pm Tuesday, November 4, 2008

GARYSBURG — The earth is moving…that is on the North Carolina Center for Automotive Research (NCCAR) project. On Thursday, officials showed off the progress made at the NCCAR site to several local and state representatives. Tours, via a convoy of trucks and SUVs, were given of the site where tons of red-colored dirt is quickly being molded into Phase 1A of the project. When completed, Phase 1A will include a 2.03 ride and handling course, integrated vehicle dynamics area, security kiosk and an operations and engineering building with six client garages, conference facilities and three engineering suites. Tour participants saw the future site of the operations and engineering building as well as part of the ride and handling course and the 2-acre integrated vehicle dynamic area. Among the progress already done on the project include the clearing of 155 acres for Phase 1A features, completion of all sedimentation and erosion control measures and seeding of the Phase 1A perimeter. Leveling for ride and handling course is also taking place. According to Mark Smith, National Director of Planning & Land Development for McKim & Creed, crews from PLT Construction will be working six days a week for at least four to five more months on the earthwork. “I’ve seen slow moving earthwork, this is not it,” he said. Crews are moving nearly 9,000 tons of dirt each day. NCCAR Chief Operating Officer Simon Cobb said the tours showed local and state officials the “humongous progress” that has been occurring at the site. “I think it’s terribly exciting,” said Dr. Fred Gallasch who serves on the NCCAR Board of Directors. The operations and engineering building and security kiosk plans are expected to be approved by the Office of State Construction and bid advertisement placed by November 7. NCCAR is currently partnered with North Carolina State University, New Jersey Institute of Technology and Lotus Engineering for a National Science Foundation funded research program to develop driver assisting technologies.