Disgusted with democrats

Published 10:42 pm Friday, October 17, 2008

To the Editor:

Democrats have been so consumed with bashing President Bush with their doom and gloom negativisms and lies that they have drowned the country’s attentions away from vital issues that the nation needs answers to, prior to the election.

I do not like the facts coming out now about radical roles Obama has played in recent years. We recently learned Obama had a vital role in the “shady” Acorn organization which was connected to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac financial institutions at the center of the gigantic money problem our country is now in.

Did you notice who was shouting the loudest when the Democrat controlled Congress was working on the bailout bill? It was democrats Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, the two elected officials in charge of watching the operations of these troubled financial institutions. They are the main ones to blame, yet they, like other democrats, pointed their fingers of blame at the republicans. They should be put into federal prison.

Tax payers will have to pay the bill for their corruption and with further investigation we may find Obama was more deeply involved in corruption in the Acorn Organization and his role as a “community organizer.” I hope we find out BEFORE the Nov. 4 election.

Votes for democrats are votes for higher taxes, bigger government, corruption and gridlock. Look at what just happened in the money market. Do you remember the time leading up to the 2006 congressional election? Democrats were yelling “change; we must have change in Washington.”

Well, you got “change!” A majority of democrats took office in both the House and Senate. These new democrats joined the old Bush-bashers of doom and gloom, gridlock and do-nothingness and cast their votes for Nancy Pelosi to be their leader in the House and Harry Reid their leader in the Senate.

I’ve tried to get some logical meaning of their thinking and actions, mostly the lack of, but I draw a blank. We cannot risk sending Obama, another democrat, to join them in DC – too much radicalism in his background.

Again democrats are calling for “change,” starting with “change you can believe in,” and lastly “change we need.” To send even one more democrat to DC, especially Kay Hagan, we don’t get change; we get the same gridlocked Congress. While the democrats have bashed Bush down to a 30% approval rating, look what their efforts have earned them, and the country’s expense. Last I heard it is 9%. Our country deserves better.

A similar need exists in our State Capital; Republican McCrory can do a better job as Governor than Perdue. We need more republicans to help run the State.

I have had it with democrats. They were so mad when President Bush won a second term that they launched an all out war against him. The bashing has been so effective that it is hard to remember the economy was booming and employment was the best in years until 9/11.

Sadam is dead and we are winning in Iraq. Bush has been steadfast and focused on protecting our country from another terrorist attack, but democrats chose to bring him down at the expense of bringing our country down also.

David P. Warrick