Deer season opens today in R-C

Published 10:28 pm Friday, October 17, 2008

The most popular hunting season of the year begins today (Saturday) in the Roanoke-Chowan area.

From October 18 through January 1, it is permissible to hunt for deer using any type of weapon or with dogs, according to North Carolina Wildlife Officer Tim Wadsworth.

Wadsworth urges everyone wishing to hunt this season to review the regulations book before venturing out to the fields or woods. A copy can be picked up where hunting licenses are sold.

“Those books are free of charge and people really need to look closely at them to know the rules,” Wadsworth stated.

For people over the age of 16, a hunting license is required in order to engage in the sport. Those under 16 do not have to have a license, but must either be accompanied by an adult or have taken a hunting safety course.

Hunting licenses are available in Hertford County at Wal-Mart, Eddie Harrell’s Sporting Goods, St. John’s Golf Carts, C.E. Dilday’s or at Tunis Bait and Tackle. A basic license costs $15 and there is an additional $10 fee for a big-game license.

“You have to get a new one every year and always carry it with you when you hunt along with some form of photo I.D.,” Wadsworth noted.

Hunting is only allowed during daylight hours, from 30 minutes before sunrise to 30 minutes after sundown.

Wadsworth says that regulations state hunters must wear a hat or an article of outerwear that is “blaze orange” so they can be more easily seen by other hunters.

Hunting in Bertie and Hertford counties is not permitted over or alongside a roadway, and hunters must have written permission from the landowner to hunt on someone else’s land.

When a hunting license is obtained, six tags are given out to each person so that kills can be tagged and counted. There is a four-buck limit in this part of the state for each hunting season, but each hunter can kill up to two does per day.

“You have to go and get extra doe tags if you want to do that, up to two a day. So you can pretty much kill just about all the does you want to kill, but only four bucks in a season,” Wadsworth stated.

After each kill, the deer’s death must be recorded, either in a registration book as supplied by some hunting clubs or by calling 1-800-I-GOT-ONE.

Those interested in hunting but who do not have a regulation book but do have Internet access can see the same rules at the North Carolina Wildlife Office website at: