Windsor officials discuss road, water concerns

Published 12:20 pm Monday, September 29, 2008

WINDSOR – A few changes will be coming to the way all kinds of traffic flows and parks in certain areas of town in the coming months.

During the most recent Windsor Board of Commissioners meeting, the board passed an ordinance to prohibit parking on some of School Street.

“Most of those areas are very small… and some of the folks who live there have been taking it upon themselves to try and fix it… but it’s just not wide enough for them to get out of their driveways when people are parked on the side of the road,” stated Windsor Mayor Bob Spivey.

To remedy the problem, the stretch of road from King Street to Taylor Street will now be zoned as “no parking.”

Commissioner O. Wint Hale made a motion to accept the ordinance, with Commissioner Hoyt Cooper offering a second. The measure passed unanimously.

The board also learned that the North Carolina Department of Transportation had approved a widening of King Street to three lanes from the intersection of NC 308 to Bertie Memorial Hospital in order to add a turn lane.

“We feel like it will make that area a little safer,” noted Spivey.

The DOT plan also calls for a widening of Sterlingworth Street to include a walkway off the side of the road.

Spivey explained, “They’re repaving and widening the road to add a walkway off the side of the white line, not a sidewalk exactly, but a designated area where pedestrians can safely walk.”

DOT also approved a resurfacing and restriping of Granville Street from King Street to Sterlingworth Street, but using 2009 funds. That project is not expected to begin this fiscal year.

The board also heard a request from the Roanoke-Cashie River Center to look at the rules and regulations regarding boats being docked overnight.

“They want to know what the policy is on the length of time boats can be tied up here, whether it can be overnight or not,” stated Spivey.

The boat slips were originally constructed with grant money and permits from CAMA (Coastal Area Management Authority).

“We need to check out the grant regulations and see what’s allowed,” Spivey noted.

Commissioner Collins Cooper remarked, “Windsor could become a water destination… but if we limit folks to only being able to stay 24 or 48 hours, it could be a problem. Other towns around here do it… I think that’s something we need to look at.”

Commissioner Bob Brown echoed those sentiments.

“We need to look into it and then come back and set the hours to be as lenient as possible,” he stated.