Sheriff Webb on road to recovery

Published 6:45 pm Monday, September 22, 2008

GATESVILLE – For Ed Webb, having the opportunity to say “thanks” is a miracle within itself.

Five weeks after suffering a heart attack while on the job, the Gates County Sheriff says he’s on the road to recovery.

While on the mend, Sheriff Webb said that process has been made a lot more bearable due to all the support he has received since that fateful day on Aug. 21.

“I’ve been overwhelmed by the number of get well cards, literally hundreds of them,” he said. “I’ve received cards from everywhere, here in Gates County, from Dare County, Hertford County….they’ve come from all over the state. (North Carolina) Attorney General (Roy) Cooper sent me a card as did Governor (Mike) Easley.”

Meanwhile, Webb said his personal telephone has rang off the hook.

“The phone calls, hundreds of them as well, have continually poured in since I came home from the hospital,” he noted. “Friends have stopped by to visit. All of this means an awful lot to me.”

Last week on the way home from rehab at Obici Hospital in Suffolk, Webb said he stopped to pump gas when a woman approached him.

“She gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek and then told me I was her sheriff,” Webb said. “Again, all of this is so overwhelming. I want to express my appreciation to everyone for their kind actions and words.”

To date, Webb’s recovery has progressed to the point where his doctor has allowed him to return to light duty.

“I can work an hour or two a day here in the office,” he said. “Nothing strenuous mind you, just paperwork.”

Webb added, “All of the deputies here are to be credited for doing a wonderful job.”

The Sheriff said his road to recovery includes rehab three days a week.

“After 18 (rehab) sessions, they’ll do another stress test,” Webb said. “If I pass that test, they’ll release me to work full-time. All I’m doing right now is following the rehab program. This all has changed me; changed my lifestyle. I’m watching what I’m eating and following the doctor’s orders.”