The race is far from over

Published 9:56 am Thursday, September 18, 2008

So often the race is won not by the swiftest, but rather the most intelligent.

Even though District 5 North Carolina State Senator Robert Holloman crossed his finish line 20 months ago, the race which was his legacy is still ongoing.

Despite overcast skies on Tuesday, the mood was sunny and bright inside New Ahoskie Baptist Church where the life and work of the late Senator Holloman was recalled. The occasion was to pay tribute to this public servant by naming NC 561 West to NC 461 in his honor.

As expected, there were numerous testimonies given to Holloman regarding his work as an elected official, both as a Hertford County Commissioner and a member of the North Carolina Senate. Words such as love, passion, dedication, ambitious, hard worker and courageous were a common thread tightly woven through the fabric of the accolades targeting the late Senator.

However, it was two simple questions that drove home a resounding message of who was Robert Holloman and why does he have a road named in his honor.

District 6B Judge Rob Lewis called Holloman “the little engine that could.” He said despite Holloman’s poor upbringing, a child with basically nothing ventured out and grabbed life by the horns.

The Senator’s widow, Velma Holloman, answered the second question by saying that as long as the mark her husband made on the local area is remembered by the presence of the road sign, it would inspire others to reach higher, work harder to leave their mark on life.

Both comments appropriately targeted today’s youth. Those words will hopefully encourage our children that a meager upbringing doesn’t matter; it’s all about the passion burning within their hearts to excel in life that counts.

Life’s race is just beginning for those young people, one they can win by following in Holloman’s footsteps. And just like he was in life by helping others, the Senator will be waiting at the finish line.