My regular rant and rave

Published 2:21 pm Wednesday, September 17, 2008

As any of my regular readers know (both of you), I sometimes sit down to write my columns and am unable to focus on just one topic. Instead of a fluid and well thought out piece, what develops is instead a slew of highly opinionated and very random thoughts. This will be one of those columns. It’s time for a Rant and Rave session.

Rant: Fantasy Football. I’m in two leagues and both of my teams are awful. The one here at the R-C News Herald is an automated draft so I’m just going to blame Thadd White for that (not sure how it’s his fault, but I’ll figure something out). I chose Tom Brady with my first pick in the other draft, now he’s out for the season. It’s going to be a long year.

Rave: Tom Brady is out for the season. While I don’t wish harm or injury to anyone, as a Dolphins fan I am not crying myself to sleep at the thought of Brady not shredding our defense yet again this season. Plus, I just don’t like the Patriots. I hope he heals well and is without long lasting damage. In the meantime…Go Dolphins!

Rant: USC is number one in the college football polls again. I have nothing against the Trojans mind you, I just get tired of hearing Pete Carroll’s name on every sports show I watch. While a good coach and a great recruiter, he’s up there with Steve Spurrier as one of the most overrated coaches of all time.

Rave: Hertford County High School is getting a swimming program. That’s great news and provides yet another positive outlet for the young people of Hertford County. Kudos to the school board and Athletic Director Charles Simmons for making it happen.

Rant: Bertie High School still doesn’t have a soccer program. My alma mater is way behind on this one. Soccer is one of the most inexpensive sports to have as it does not require a lot of equipment. You need only uniforms, balls, goals and a field. The uniforms are cheap (in comparison to many other sports), the goals are a once a decade expense and if there is one thing Bertie County has, it is land. C’mon Falcons, let’s make this happen.

Rave: ECU is looking like a powerhouse program again. Skip Holtz has done a wonderful job down in Greenville and the Pirates are suddenly looking like possible BCS party crashers. As some of the best and most faithful fans in college football, it’s good to see Pirate Nation smiling again.

Rant: Rich Rodriguez is still coaching. After the way he left the West Virginia program, I for one am happy to see Michigan fall to the likes of Utah and Notre Dame. Plus, my girlfriend, Dawn, is an avid Ohio State fan. While a Wolverines loss is still not as good as a Buckeyes win, it’s a close second and that makes life at home a whole lot better.

Rave: Hertford County native Tydreke Powell is doing great in Chapel Hill. Powell has been receiving a lot of attention for his play at Carolina and rightfully so. He has been a stud on the defensive line behind highly touted Marvin Austin and had a huge fumble recovery two weeks ago against McNeese State. I love to see local kids do well when they go to college programs. The fact that Tydreke is doing so well for my beloved Heels just makes it that much better.

I’d like to hear from you. If you agree or disagree with my opinion on something, have an idea for a column topic or just want to let me know someone is reading this every once in awhile please e-mail me. My address is Thanks for reading.