Computer theft robs children of education

Published 7:57 pm Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tuesday morning’s break-in and robbery of the C.G. White Pre School in Powellsville was much more than a sad statement about the way our society has eroded over the years.

Stealing from an adult is one thing, but to swipe the tools of learning from innocent children is totally different.

The hard-working brass within Bertie County Schools made sure the staff, teachers and students at this early education center were equipped to instruct and learn.

Meanwhile, the taxpaying citizens of Bertie County forwarded a portion of their finances to assist in that learning process, helping those small children take their first small steps within the educational process.

All it took was one dastardly deed to wipe out that effort. The culprit or culprits in this case undermined the efforts of Bertie School officials to afford every child in the county a quality education. At the same time, they slapped those who are footing the bill, Bertie’s taxpayers, right across the face.

The robber(s) also stole a big, brown teddy bear from the school. That results in two observations…(1) they are in need of mental assistance, or (2) they have a child of their own.

If the latter is the case, then this person just robbed their own child, one that may be enrolled in a Bertie County school. By swiping the computer equipment, they stole an opportunity for their own child to learn. Armed with that knowledge, that child stands a better chance of not following in their parent’s footsteps and leading a life of crime because they have no education to land a job.

Whatever the case may be, it’s our hope that the person or persons responsible are found guilty to the fullest extent of the law. It’s also our hope that as part of their punishment, they are required to perform community service at C.G. White Pre School where they will be forced to look their young victims in the eye and perhaps feel remorseful for their actions.