Pre-School victimized

Published 1:17 pm Tuesday, September 9, 2008

POWELLSVILLE—Apparently not even schools are “hands-off” when it comes to criminal actions.

Early Tuesday morning, the theft of multiple pieces of computer equipment was discovered at C.G White Pre-School in Powellsville.

According to Bertie County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy John Holley, a call reporting the incident was placed to the Bertie County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) at approximately 7 a.m. He said the crime was initially discovered by Custodian Edward George at 6:45 a.m.

Holley said the items taken from the school were eight CPU (computer processing units), six HP and Dell key boards, 12 flat screen computer monitors, eight computer mouses, three digital cameras and one big brown teddy bear.

According to Bertie County Schools Public Information Officer Brent Todd, the value of the items stolen has not yet been calculated.

At this time in the investigation, Holley said it is undetermined where the thief or thieves made entrance to the school, though he noted any of the several windows in the school could have served as a point of entrance.

Once inside the burglar(s) broke into offices, shattering an office door window to make entrance, stealing computer equipment and the teddy bear. They then moved on to classrooms where additional computer equipment was taken.

Computer equipment and a television were recovered over a fence behind the school. Holley said someone may have startled the person(s) involved in the crime.

Todd said school officials are saddened by the break-in.

He continued by saying the burglars are not just stealing from the public school system, but from taxpayers as well.

“It’s just a shame, they’re virtually babies,” he said, referring to the four and five year-olds the school serves. “We have full faith and confidence that the Sheriff’s Office will find those responsible.”

On Wednesday, a security firm made a visit to the school to assess its security.

Todd said that firm will report recommendations to school officials at a later date.

Holley said he is working on a couple of leads regarding the case as of Wednesday morning.

Those that have information about the break-in are encouraged to call the BCSO at (252) 794-5330.