Health Director resigns

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 19, 2008

WINTON – A long and distinguished career has come to an end.

Hertford County Health Director Curtis Dickson has resigned his position to accept early retirement after 28 years in public health service.

“Mr. Dickson came to Hertford County with an impressive background in public health in 1999,” said Howard J. Hunter III, who serves as chairman of the Hertford County Public Health Authority (HCPHA) board. “Under his leadership, our public health agency has received state and national recognition.”

According to a press release from the HCPHA, Dickson submitted a letter of resignation as health director and opted to take early retirement effective immediately.

Hunter said with Dickson’s resignation the HCPHA board had put a two-person interim in place for the foreseeable future.

Director of Nursing Diane McLawhorn and Chief Financial Officer Romona Bowser are working in concert to head up day-to-day operation. Bowser is in charge of the administrative duties of the Authority while McLawhorn is handing operations for the clinic.

Hunter indicated plans were already being developed to find a new health director, but the official process is not likely to start until September.

“We’re looking forward to moving quickly to find the right person to guide the public health authority into the future,” the chairman said. “We hope to have someone in place within a six-month timetable.”

As for Dickson, he plans to remain active in public health issues in the region and state.

“Being a workaholic all my life, it will be hard to slow down and I hope to stay active with the Northeastern North Carolina Partnership for Public Health and assist in major state public health issues such as the state Diabetes Advisory Council I serve on,” Dickson said. “But, it is also time to spend more time with Linda, my partner for 40 years of marriage, and to work on spoiling my 12 grandchildren.”

Dickson said he believed God had allowed him to serve.

“I have always felt the good Lord has led me from one community to another to help them with their public health needs,” Dickson said. “It is now time to move on to other issues. I want to thank the Hertford County Board of Health for their past support of my efforts to improve Hertford County’s public health.”

Dickson also thanked the Hertford County Commissioners for supporting the HCPHA and the staff and management of the authority for their hard work.

“I wish the next Health Director much success as he or she attempts to take the Public Health Authority to the next level,” he closed.