MPD probes BE’s

Published 12:00 am Monday, July 28, 2008

MURFREESBORO – Citizens are urged to stay vigilant as police investigate recent breaking and entering crimes that have occurred here.

According to Murfreesboro Police Chief Darrell Rowe, his department has seen an increase of reports regarding burglaries.

“We have had an up swing the last week and a half,” said Rowe.

Rowe said there have been four breaking and enterings during that time period.

The Murfreesboro Police Department (MPD) is investigating the crimes and evidence has been collected.

“Evidence we have collected has been submitted to the SBI (State Bureau of Investigation) laboratory for analysis,” said Rowe.

Citizens should report suspicious activity immediately to the MPD.

Rowe urged citizens to be mindful to who is walking around their neighborhood and to keep their doors locked.

He added citizens should not wait to report suspicious activity.

“Report it right way,” he said.

The MPD can be reached at (252) 398-4151.