Life of a nomad is okay

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I graduated in 2003 from UAB with a degree in Journalism, but I’ve always been fascinated by psychology.

The way humans can adapt to environmental changes is amazing.

Humans have survived drastic ecological changes for hundreds and thousands of years.

We’ve survived some of the worst natural disasters the world has seen. Despite long odds and daunting obstacles, we always seem to overcome.

Over the course of the past week, my family has become a case study in adapting to an unfamiliar environment n namely hotel life.

While Jay Shows and the people at Best Western have constructed a first class establishment and living experience here in Demopolis, calling it our home has become an exciting adjustment.

Lizzie, our 4-year-old daughter, has been the quickest to adjust.

The hotel room, to her, is an extended vacation.

McDonald’s Playland is way better than anything we ever had. This move has been more fun for her than I ever imagined.

My fear was the move would cause a lot of stress on her. The process of making new friends, not having your best-friend n our Bassett Hound, Ruff n and missing your purple-painted room adorned with Disney princesses would be a strain on anyone.

My wife, Tiffany, has become quite adept at making Lizzie think everything we do as a family, regardless of how uninteresting or mundane it may be, is fun.

Our near daily trips to the grocery store are how we stretch our legs. We marvel at all the groceries we could buy if we had cabinets to put them in.

The aisles of various grocery stores have become like walks around the block. Lizzie loves these walks because they usually end with a Hershey’s bar before we leave.

Parking lots have become our front yard. McDonald’s has become our backyard n and our kitchen.

The life of a nomad isn’t all that bad. There have been several unexpected perks to hotel life.

I don’t have any grass to cut. I haven’t had to pick up after myself, or make my own bed, for more than a month. When we leave in the mornings our hotel room looks lived in.

When we get back that evening, the room is spotless.

A guy can get used to that.

Jason Cannon is the new publisher of the Demopolis Times, a sister publication of the Roanoke-Chowan News-Herald. He can be reached via email at: