Faith keeps woman calm

Published 12:00 am Monday, June 2, 2008

AULANDER – There was wind, rain, thunder and lightning outside.

Vandora Burden was at peace inside.

During Sunday afternoon’s storms, Burden’s home in the Connaritsa community near Aulander was surrounded by damage n a huge tree ripped from the ground, a shed torn away and thrown into her vehicle and minor damage to both the car and the outside of her home.

“I don’t know what happened, a tornado struck, I guess,” Burden said. “There was thunder, lightning and hail, probably the worst I’ve ever seen.”

While she said the outside forces of nature were swirling, she remained calm inside.

“It didn’t scare me,” she said. “I went and closed the door and came back and sat down. I knew there was nobody here but me and the good Lord and I knew He could take care of me.”

Burden said she down in her chair, took out her Bible and began to read.

“I sat down and started reading a book in the Bible where it says the Lord will take care of you,” she said. “I knew he could do it, so I didn’t worry.”

The shelter that was attached to her barn blew across her front yard and landed on the front side of her car, where it was still Monday morning. It also uprooted a tree that was approximately 12-foot in diameter. The uprooted tree caused the steps to her home to be tossed to the side, resulting in minor damage to a ramp.

Burden said she didn’t really know about any of the damage until her nephew called her.

She then called Gloria Freeman who came to the house to check on her and see what damage had been done.

“She called me to tell me, but I didn’t realize how bad it was until I saw it and then I was scared,” Freeman said. “All I could do was grab her and hug her and tell her, ‘I know the Lord was with you’.”

Burden said that was something she knew too.

“It was all on the Lord,” she said. “I know He is the only one to save you in times like this.”