Canine hero rescues fallen master

Published 12:00 am Friday, May 30, 2008

WINTON – Is it a bird?

Is it a plane? No, it’s super dog!

Last Saturday, Patches, a Border Collie and Springer Spaniel mix, came to the rescue of her owner Cheri Heibner.

Heibner was in her yard at the clothesline folding clothes when her knee gave out and she fell.

She yelled for help, but her family was inside the house and couldn’t hear her because the door was closed.

Heibner said her two dogs, Patches and Angel, a border collie, stayed beside her the whole time she was on the ground.

Once they realized she couldn’t get up, Patches ran to the house and jumped on the door like she wanted to be let in.

A family member came to the door to see what was wrong and saw Heibner on the ground. The family member then called for medical help.

Heibner said they tried three times to keep Patches inside, but the dog kept escaping back outside because she was worried about Heibner.

Heibner added that finally they had to lock Patches inside so the medical workers could look at her knee.

Today, Heibner has a knee brace and she is waiting for her doctor to ok her for surgery to replace both of her knees.

Heibner adopted Patches and Angel from PAWS (Protecting Animals Worth Saving), in Hertford County.

She adopted Patches in February 2007.

Several years ago, when she was physically able, Heibner volunteered at PAWS.

She said she loves animals and wanted to volunteer.

Heibner added that

PAWS needs help.

She said the organization is always looking for people to play with the animals, to people orient the animals and to help them feel loved.

And, in turn, those animals are apparently capable of returning that love, just as Patches did when she came to the rescue of her owner.