All dressed up…with a place to go

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 21, 2008

WINDSOR – The most special prom of the year.

That’s what took place at Bertie High School on Sunday afternoon as nine students from the special needs class gathered together in the fully decorated gymnasium.

All the students arrived dressed to the hilt, with a few even being transported in a limousine – what some parents called a &uot;once in a lifetime chance.&uot;

Each student received an award for being the best in the class at one specific thing.

Class teacher Patricia Askew presented her students with the framed certificates.

Rachel Outlaw was named the &uot;Queen&uot; of the 2008 Very Special Prom.

Marcus Johnson is the 2008 Prom King.

QueAsha Mosley is known in the classroom as &uot;Ms. Pretty Smile,&uot; while her twin sister QueOsha Mosley is &uot;Ms. Happy.&uot;

Tanisha Pugh was given the Most Friendly award, while Antwan Bond is &uot;Mr. Musically Talented.&uot;

Kenneth Boone is known as the Most Outgoing and Sheron Paige is &uot;Ms. Quiet.&uot;

The &uot;Most Sincere Student&uot; is Aricka Paige.

Dozens of family members, friends and Bertie County Schools staff showed up for the inaugural event.

Board of Education member Emma Johnson addressed Askew and the student’s parents following the awards ceremony.

&uot;I am so proud of who you are and what you do with these students.

God gave everyone a talent and this is yours,&uot; she stated.

Judy Rankins, the Director of Exceptional Children’s Programs, also made remarks.

&uot;I am just so overwhelmed with what’s happening here today.

I’d like to thank the exceptional teachers at Bertie High School; you have done a remarkable job.

Ms. Askew has gone the extra mile today just like she always does… she loves these kids genuinely and with all her heart,&uot; she noted.

Teacher assistants for the class are Sharon Cooper, Linda Daniels and Dianne Hassell.

All were in attendance for the afternoon’s events, which included dinner and music after the awards presentations.

Askew says she plans to make the Very Special Prom an annual event.