Hotel developer interested in Murfreesboro

Published 12:00 am Monday, March 3, 2008

MURFREESBORO – A viable hotel has long been on the wish list of residents here.

And perhaps that wish may become reality as The Northeast Commission has provided the Town of Murfreesboro as a potential hotel site to a hotel investor.

In a recent Murfreesboro Town Council meeting, Town Administrator Cathy Davison reported the news to council members.

Davison said the investor located in Elizabeth City has recently developed a Fairfield Inn there.

“I spoke with the hotel investor earlier in the week and he is interested in receiving a copy of the feasibility study when we receive it,” she said.

She noted the investor is “very much interested in Murfreesboro.”

Davison also asked the council to consider sending a copy of the study to The Northeast Commission as they are willing to assist with the marketing of potential hotel sites within the town.

A feasibility study will look at the demographics in the town, traffic patterns, what is in town, the events held in town and how many people would utilize a hotel.

In January, Chowan University agreed to partner with the town on the feasibility study and the town’s long range development plan, which includes bringing a hotel to the town.