Really random rants and ramblings

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I think we all have those days in our jobs where we just can’t seem to focus and get anything accomplished in a timely manner.

Today was one of those days for me.

I searched and I searched the Internet for a potential column topic, only to come up with several things that I had opinions on but nothing I could really expound upon.

For that reason, today I’m going to rant and ramble. Warning: the following information may be completely incoherent and make no apparent sense.

First off I came across a letter to Christina Aguilera, posted by an author of a book promoting natural birth and delivery.

The letter warned her of the &uot;great harm&uot; she was doing her child by scheduling a C-section for today (Jan. 10) and not going for a natural delivery instead.

My first thought was, &uot;Who cares?&uot; I mean, really… whose business is it how she chooses to give birth? Get a life, people. Stop hounding celebrities.

Next I browsed CNN and came across several disturbing stories and a couple of interesting ones.

The first I had the misfortune to read told of a man (if you can call this monster a man) who threw his four children – all aged three or less – off a bridge as &uot;revenge&uot; on his wife for an argument they had.

Yeah, some revenge.

Way to go, guy, take out a marital dispute on your innocent children.

This makes me so angry… what in the world are some people thinking?

Fortunately, the next story I read was a more amusing one… the story of a mother who dubbed herself &uot;the meanest mom on the planet.&uot;

Apparently she found alcohol under the front seat of her teenaged son’s car and as a result she took out a huge ad in the local newspaper putting the car up for sale and stating why.

Her son was obviously not happy with what she did, but this is a great example of responsible parenting.

It’s nice to see that in the news for a change.

Then there was a strange story about four children’s bodies found in a woman’s house.

The weird part about this one was that allegedly U.S. Marshals found the bodies while they were serving a routine eviction notice.

This is obviously very tragic, but I couldn’t help but wonder… why were U.S. Marshals serving a routine eviction notice? (And even if they were, why did they enter the home?

To my knowledge, eviction notices don’t require an inspection of the premises.) It’s a good thing they did, but I smell something more going on than the story reported.

I also came across the story of a small-town police chief in Kansas who was fired after he was convicted of stealing beer out of the fire department’s refrigerator.

What I’m wondering here is, why was there beer in the fire department’s refrigerator in the first place?

Finally, to pull a Cal Bryant, I just had to throw this in here… why do US 13 Bypass opponents keep saying the &uot;Windsor&uot; people are trying to take away &uot;the land of the many for the good of the few?&uot;

Last time I checked, affected Ahoskie residents were &uot;the few&uot; and everyone else on the east coast who the proposed bypass will benefit are &uot;the many,&uot; not the other way around.

That’s my two and a half cents for the week.

Want to let me know what you think?

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