Raising children and dogs

Published 12:00 am Monday, January 7, 2008

My youngest son Scott preached his first sermon from the pulpit Sunday at Green’s Cross Baptist Church in Windsor. He did a fantastic job.

It was clear to see that he was God’s man called to do this thing he has surrendered his life to. Where he will be called to preach is still a mystery, but he is willing to go wherever God wants him to go. I am sure you know that I am very proud of him.

I do not want him or his family to leave this area but I will bow to a higher authority if he is called to go.

Scott will be at Green’s Cross next week as well. If you live in Windsor and don’t have a church home, give it a try. I can tell you from my visit Sunday, they will welcome you warmly.

This was not what Scott would have chosen to do and if fact, when he first started seminary he adamantly said it was not his calling. But it became very clear that it was indeed what he was supposed to do and he accepted it and eventually welcomed it

Finding your place in life and doing what you are supposed to do bring peace and happiness. It doesn’t mean you don’t have problems, but it does change the way you handle them.

Raising my children was a joy, but sort of like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. Raising children is like a jigsaw or putting together a crocheted piece is it not?

You know what you want it to look like when you get through and you do the best you can to follow the guidelines you have but you are never sure if you are doing it right until you are finished.

You watch with pride when they get it right and mostly blame your parenting ability when they don’t. Even when they are grown you feel that whatever they do reflects on your ability as a parent.

And in fact their behavior does reflect on their family. To say it doesn’t is to be just like the people who excel in sports on a national level and claim they are not role models. Some things you can deny all you want but it doesn’t change the truth.

And speaking of raising children, I am sure you know I have a Westie who I am constantly trying to raise. Terriers are a different breed of dog altogether. They are energetic and constantly pushing to see if they can take head of house from you. And like all pets, they want attention.

As I have been trying to write this morning, she has been steadily jumping on my leg, trying to get my attention. She doesn’t need to go outside. She doesn’t want to sit on the porch. She doesn’t need water or food. She just wants me to stop what I am doing and sit with her for a while.

She is making it difficult to maintain concentration as you can probably tell from this disjointed effort. So I will quit for now, make her happy and talk with y’all again next time.

Sylvia Hughes is a retired News Editor and is a regular contributor to the Roanoke-Chowan News-Herald. She can be reached via email at sylvia.hughes@r-cnews.com.