Windsor Mayor supports bypass

Published 12:00 am Friday, December 14, 2007

WINDSOR – Many Ahoskie residents might oppose the proposed US 13 bypass, but most non-Hertford County citizens apparently favor the proposal.

In their regular monthly meeting Thursday, Windsor Mayor Bob Spivey told the town commissioners that a great many people want the bypass.

&uot;Many of the surrounding towns and counties are for the Hwy. 13 Bypass,&uot; Spivey stressed.

He continued, &uot;We’re not against four-laning Hwy. 11, but not at the expense of sacrificing the 13 bypass. We’ve all built our businesses on the Hwy. 13 corridor for 50 years.&uot;

Some in Hertford County, particularly Ahoskie, have become vocal about not wanting the US 13 bypass, but instead being in favor of rerouting the funds set aside for that project to be used to four-lane NC 11.

It appears, though, that Ahoskie and Hertford County officials are alone in their protests.

Spivey went on, &uot;Windsor alone has developed 50 jobs off of Hwy. 13 and it’s also a tremendous tourist route for us.&uot;

He told of a petition that will be circulating to push for the completion of the US 13 project in order to counter the one that is going around against the project.

&uot;We’re making every effort to try and maintain our highway,&uot; Spivey added.

There are already water and sewer lines and broadband Internet available for five miles north of Windsor on US 13, and Spivey says there are plans to expand those systems.

&uot;It’s for our economic future,&uot; he stated.