Bertie fund balance reaches new height

Published 12:00 am Monday, November 26, 2007

WINDSOR – Bertie County is in good shape.

Audit results for Fiscal Year (FY) 2006-2007 are in and everything seems to be in order, according to Jeff Best of Pittard, Perry and Crone.

In the words of Best, &uot;Everyone did a good job.&uot;

Best came before the Bertie County Commissioners during their regular meeting last Monday night (Nov. 19) to inform the board of the audit results.

Chairman of the Commissioners Rick Harrell congratulated everyone involved in helping with the audit.

He added, &uot;The results he (Best) presented us with tonight basically say that we are fiscally responsible.&uot;

County Manager Zee Lamb also thanked everyone, including Finance Officer Lydia Hoggard and her staff.

&uot;You all have been very good stewards in the last seven years since I’ve been here and have kept a tight rein on spending,&uot; Lamb stated.

He presented charts showing the county’s improving financial state during his tenure as County Manager.

Since 2000, the county’s unreserved fund balance has increased from $2.1 million to nearly $5.6 million this past fiscal year. There was an increase of $1.2 million just in the last fiscal year alone.

Once again this fiscal year, the delinquent taxes owed to the county has decreased.

As of June 30, 2007 the county is owed just $745,304 in back taxes. That’s a reduction of nearly $44,000 from last year and makes the seventh year in a row that the amount has gone down.

Delinquent taxes peaked in 2000 when approximately $1.3 million was owed to the county.

Lamb credited the increase in fund balance and a reduction in delinquent taxes as the reason for no raised taxes again this year.

&uot;It’s because of this that the county was once again able to not raise taxes,&uot; he stated.

Copies of the audit are available through the County Manager’s office. Citizens need only pay for the cost of copying.