East remains 1-A

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 21, 2007

CREEKSVILLE – Nothing is likely to change for Northampton County High School n East.

When the North Carolina High School Athletic Association released the classifications for the 2009-2013 realignment, East remained solidly a 1-A school with 505 students.

“We’re 1-A and that’s probably where we’re going to stay,” he said. “In fact, I don’t think our conference will change that much, other than the loss of Louisburg.”

Louisburg is indeed the only school in the Tar-Roanoke Conference that will be moving to a different classification. Their ADM (758) moved them into the 2-A ranks.

All of the other schools in the Tar-Roanoke Conference remained solidly 1-A. Besides East and Louisburg, they include Northampton County High School n West (300), Gates County High School (628), North Edgecombe (366), Weldon High School (332) and Southeast Halifax (517).

Other major changes at the 1-A level include the addition of Southwest Onslow, one of the state’s perennial powers in football. They dropped from the 2-A ranks and are the largest 1-A in the state at 729 students.

Another major change will be Thomasville’s move from the 1-A ranks to the 2-A classification. They are also a perennial power in high school football. North Johnston also makes the move from 1-A to 2-A in the new realignment.

Just missing a move was Edenton’s John A. Holmes High School which had an ADM of 735, just six above that of Southwest Onslow.

Ocracoke is the smallest school in North Carolina with an average daily membership of 28.