Lane to bear Jasper Bazemore’s name

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 24, 2007

WINDSOR – Jasper Bazemore Lane.

That’s the unanimous recommendation of the Bertie County Commissioners on what the new road off U.S. 17 leading to the new social services building should be called.

There was discussion at a previous commissioners’ meeting as to whether the road should be plain Jasper Lane, or Jasper Bazemore Lane.

Jasper Bazemore, who died in office last year at 81, served as a commissioner for 12 years and was chairman several times.

He was a major supporter of building the new social services building, so the commissioners felt it would be appropriate to name the road in memory of him.

At Monday’s commissioners’ meeting, Clerk to the Board Misty Deanes informed the board she had contacted Bazemore’s family as per their instructions.

&uot;They thought Mr. Bazemore would have been happier with his full name,&uot; she said.

Commissioner Wallace Perry, who had previously had reservations on including &uot;Bazemore&uot; in with the name since there is already a Bazemore Street in Windsor, changed his former stance.

&uot;I know I said before that I thought it should be just Jasper Lane, but I thought about it and since it’s not going to be a residential street I don’t see where it would be a problem with 911,&uot; he said.

With that, Perry made the motion to name the road Jasper Bazemore Lane and the measure passed without objection.

The recommendation will now go back before the Windsor Town Council where it is expected to become official.

The Windsor board gave the county permission to name the street, so their final approval is viewed as a mere formality.