Paying for the sins of their ‘Fathers’

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 17, 2007

It’s a sad world when nuns are evicted from their convent to help pay off a settlement for child sexual abuse cases.

Effective December 31, a trio of Santa Barbara, California nuns will be displaced from their home of the past four decades.

A letter informing the nuns of the decision came from the Los Angeles Archdiocese office last month.

The convent’s property is valued at about $98,000, yet the settlement in the sex abuse case is a record-breaking $660 million.

Surely, the Archdiocese could have found another way to scrape up a measly $98,000, which will barely make a dent in paying off the huge settlement anyway.

Why should a group of innocent nuns have to pay for pedophilic priests? That takes the phrase, &uot;paying for the sins of your Father&uot; to a whole new level.

Maybe instead of spending so much money on different levels of management, the Catholic Church needs to reprioritize and stop picking on their lowest-level, unpaid servants.

Before the Church silenced them with a gag order, even the nuns involved spoke out against this unprecedented move.

One 69-year-old Sister made the remark last week, &uot;What hurts most is what the money will be used for, to help pay for the pedophile priests. We have to sacrifice our home for that?&uot;

The nuns were also upset that their impending eviction didn’t even warrant a phone call from the Archdiocese informing them of the decision.

Now, you might say that sacrifice is necessary to help compensate the victims of the abuse.

That’s true, but what exactly that sacrifice should entail is what is the problem, because the Archdiocese in question is by far the wealthiest one in the country.

They own over 1,600 properties valued at about $4 billion all over California, including oil wells, parking lots, and retail buildings.

Now you tell me: again I ask, why are they picking on elderly nuns who have for decades ministered to immigrants in a poor community?

Oh yes, I forget – because there has to be money available to pay for the Pope to house his priests (pedophiles included) in style.

Nuns, as women, are of far less importance to the Church. After all, it’s men who are the Church leaders. Women, even women of God, are irrelevant.

The Archdiocese has offered no excuse as to why they chose to evict nuns rather than sell some of their commercial ventures, nor are they likely to do so.

Another interesting tidbit is that most of the priests involved in the child sex abuse scandal are immune from prosecution due to the statute of limitations having expired long ago.

These pedophilic priests sit in their nice little homes, unscathed, while elderly nuns get thrown out on the street.

What a great example of the Christian religion. (Not!)

Sadly, this latest news is yet another example of the corruption of the Catholic Church at its highest levels.

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