Road may bear Hunter’s name

Published 12:00 am Saturday, October 6, 2007

WINTON – Hertford County is moving to honor the late Representative Howard J. Hunter.

During Monday’s meeting of the Hertford County Commissioners, the governing body adopted a resolution supporting the naming of a portion of U.S. 158 in Hunter’s honor.

Hunter, who was 60 at the time of his death, had just been elected to his tenth term in the House of Representatives. He represented Hertford, Bertie, Gates and Perquimans counties.

He served as chairman of the Children, Youth and Families committee and was also a member of the body overseeing Appropriations, Commerce, Federal Relations and Health.

The resolution, which was adopted by a unanimous vote, called for the road to be named “Representative Howard J. Hunter Jr. Memorial Highway” beginning at the intersection of U.S. 13 and U.S. 158 at Winton and continuing to the intersection of U.S. 158 and U.S. 158 Business just outside of Murfreesboro.

Reached by telephone Friday morning, long-time Hertford County Commissioner Dupont A. Davis said the board needed to honor the work Hunter had performed.

“He did some good things for Hertford County,” Davis said. “He helped with the road system and was especially involved with the youth.”

Davis said he believed the citizens of Hertford County and all of eastern North Carolina had benefited from the nine terms Hunter served in the North Carolina House.

“He did a lot not just for Hertford County, but for all of eastern North Carolina,” Davis said. “He loved his work and he loved helping people. Even after he became sick, he continued to work hard for the people of our part of the state.”

Davis said he hoped people seeing the marker would learn more about Hunter’s life if they did not know him.

In the resolution adopted Monday, the board emphasized Hunter’s work and accomplishments.

In part, it said, “Whereas these years have been marked by exemplary dedication to the best interest of the community, as he worked for betterment of its economic, cultural and aesthetic development; and

“Whereas he justly earned the respect, admiration and high regard of all with who he came into contact, and this community has sustained a great loss in his death, and

“Whereas the board desires to show its appreciation in a meaningful and lasting way.”

The resolution then goes on to support the naming of U.S. 158 in Hunter’s honor.

Commissioner John E. Pierce made the motion to honor Hunter with Davis offering a second. It passed with a 4-0 vote in the absence of Commissioner Curtis A. Freeman.

In a related matter, the board officially adopted the resolution urging the naming of a portion of U.S. 13 in honor of the late Senator Robert L. Holloman. The board had agreed to the resolution at a previous meeting.

If approved by the North Carolina Department of Transportation, the two roads will bear the names of the late legislators.