There’s a better use for MVRS building

Published 12:00 am Saturday, September 29, 2007

R-C News-Herald Editorial

It’s about time.

Recently, the town of Murfreesboro began the process of evicting the Murfreesboro Volunteer Rescue Squad from their building.

For five years, the squad has been all but inactive.

The building they occupied has sat mostly vacant on town property for all that time, when it could have been used for more active purposes.

The people of Murfreesboro deserve better service than a rescue squad that only operates once a week.

From all the information this newspaper has been able to obtain, town officials have done all they could to keep the lines of communication with the squad open.

The MVRS has been given every chance to come to a compromise, but failed to respond in a timely manner.

Now, they must face the consequences of their inaction.

Last month, the Hertford County Commissioners refused to renew the MVRS’ franchise when it was discovered they were only going to be in operation on Fridays.

The president of the MVRS stated that due to family and job obligations, it was not possible for the squad to answer calls more often than that.

Of course, most everyone has a job and a family. Rescue squad personnel, even volunteer firefighters, should understand when they opt to serve their fellow man that job and family sacrifices come with the territory.

So, they shouldn’t use that as an excuse for not being willing to provide emergency services when they are supposed to be in operation as a non-profit organization whose only purpose is to do just that.

If they can’t make the sacrifices necessary to go with the territory, they have no business continuing to operate as a rescue squad.

Furthermore, without a franchise, it is not permissible for the MVRS to take rescue vehicles out to operate.

Therefore, it is only practical that the building be utilized for other public services.

The town has stated the Murfreesboro Volunteer Fire Department could use the building for meetings and extra storage space.

Finally, a building that has sat practically unused for so long will be put to some good use.

While it is sad that this will likely be an end to the MVRS, it could have been prevented if its members showed some active interest in the proceedings.

The squad has until November 1 to vacate the building.

After that, where they will go is anyone’s guess.

Fortunately, Hertford County EMS will cover the emergency calls placed by residents of the Town of Murfreesboro.

This has been a sad chapter in the lives of Murfreesboro’s citizens. It needs to end so the town can move forward with providing for the future care of its people.