Cherry retires

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, August 22, 2007

AHOSKIE – Ahoskie honored one of its own last week.

During the regular meeting of the Ahoskie Town Council, the town board and mayor honored the years of service by retiring Police Captain Mike Cherry.

“We’re deeply appreciative of the many, many years Mike gave to the town of Ahoskie,” Mayor Linda Blackburn said. “There’s a difference in people who are committed and those who are just there. Mike was deeply committed to his job and to the people of Ahoskie.”

Cherry was a Police Officer for the town for more than 26 years. He first served from February 1978 to October 1986 before returning to the department in March of 1990.

He rose in the ranks from Police Officer to Sergeant and then to Captain where he has served since August 1991.

Last week the town of Ahoskie adopted a Resolution of Appreciation for Cherry and his years of service.

In part, the resolution reads, “Now, therefore, be it further resolved that each member of the Ahoskie Town Council does hereby express his or her gratitude to Michael Cherry for his faithful service over the years…”

Councilman Ronald Gatling made the motion to adopt the resolution with Councilman Malcolm Copeland offering a second. It passed by a unanimous vote.

After the resolution passed, Blackburn presented Cherry with a copy of the resolution along with his badge and service revolver.

“Mike was committed to the town of Ahoskie,” Blackburn said. “The people of the town have been blessed from that commitment. I hope he’ll be very happy in retirement.”

Ahoskie Police Chief Troy Fitzhugh was also on hand for the presentation and said he had enjoyed working with Cherry and would miss him.

“We enjoyed having Mike as part of the police department,” Fitzhugh said. “When I first came to work for the town of Ahoskie, he was one of the first people I spoke with.

“I’ve certainly enjoyed working with him,” he continued. “He has meant a lot to the department.”

While not in a physical presence, Fitzhugh said Cherry would remain with the department because he had shared his experience with many of the officers still working there.