Northampton approves Project Lifesaver

Published 12:00 am Monday, August 13, 2007

JACKSON – On August 6, the Northampton County Commissioners approved Project Lifesaver for their county.

“Project lifesaver is a locator system targeted for use with the elderly who might have Alzheimer’s or suffer from dementia or other diseases, which would cause them to wander off,” said County Manager Wayne Jenkins.

The project requires bracelets to be worn by the patient and tracking devices operated by trained personnel, like a local law enforcement agency, are used to locate the bracelets.

The total cost to the county for the tracking receiver and four bracelets along with a monthly maintenance fee for the items would cost $3,202.48 for the 2007-08 fiscal year.

“This is not a safety veil for seniors,” said Jenkins. “It’s for those who need it.”

Commissioner Fannie Greene (D-5th) thought the project was a favorable idea.

“A lot of citizens could benefit from this,” said Greene. “I see how this could possibly grow.”

Commissioner James Hester (D-1st) said a lot of people would not come in for the bracelet and it would need to be doctor ordered.

Greene along with Commissioner Chairwoman Virginia Spruill suggested a policy that would allow family members of those who use the device to make a contribution to the project.

Hester made a motion to approve the project, it was seconded by Greene. The motion passed without challenge.

Last month an elderly Woodland woman wandered away from her home, but was found by the Northampton County Sheriff’s Office a little over 24 hours later.

In other business, the board approved new LabCorp Rates for the Northampton County Health Department. According to Northampton County Health Department Director Sue Gay, rates for certain services will rise anywhere from $1 to $13.

A decision on the purchase of new vehicles for the Northampton County Sheriff’s Office was tabled because Sheriff Wardie Vincent could not attend the meeting.

Also approved was the Northampton County Pandemic Influenza Plan.

A public hearing was held to hear comments on the Rural Operating Assistance Program (ROAP).

The commissioners approved a grant application for $3 million with Golden Leaf, Inc. for the First Responder Training Center.

A resolution requesting the North Carolina Department of Transportation (DOT) to make roadway improvements to NC 186 was also approved.

A resolution was approved for DOT to construct an access road for the North Carolina Center for Automotive Research (NCCAR).