Man assaulted in B.C.I.

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 28, 2007

WINDSOR – Three men were arrested here recently for a gang-related assault at the Bertie Correctional Institute.

Three more are suspects for conspiracy in the assault and are also suspected as being some of the leaders of gangs within the prison, according to Sgt. Ricky Morris with the Windsor Police Department.

Keith Kennard Carter, 21; Domonic M. Johnson, 25; and Marcus Lamar Bellamy, 26, were all arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury.

The incident occurred July 15 in the victim’s cell shortly after the prisoner count was taken for the night.

Jimmy Waddell Lynch, 33, sustained injuries to his chest, face and back. His chest and back were cut and burned at the same time with a sharp heated metal object, according to the police report.

The victim told Morris that he had been attempting to get out of a gang known as the Folk Nation Gang.

&uot;He went on to state that at this time in his life he was trying to get right and leave any gangs behind him,&uot; Morris said.

Lynch had a gang symbol tattoo on the right side of his chest in the shape of a six-pointed star, which was cut and burned off during the incident.

According to Lynch, the three assailants entered his cell shortly after the last count and began beating on him after placing a towel in his mouth to ensure his screams couldn’t be heard.

They then proceeded to cut and burn his chest and back in various places, including cutting the tattoo off, he claimed.

Apparently, orders for the assault came from higher-ups in the prison gang’s chain of command, according to accounts given by two of those involved.

Charges on the other suspects are currently pending.

Investigation is still ongoing as to charges against the suspected gang leaders.