Windsor rekindles recycling program

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 13, 2007

WINDSOR – The best way to reduce trash load is to recycle.

That’s the opinion of the Windsor Town Council in their recent passing of a 10-year solid waste plan.

In their regular monthly meeting Thursday, the board adopted the same plan the county currently has in place.

Part of that plan is to reduce the amount of garbage being taken to the regional landfill, which is located within the county.

By reducing the garbage, the life of the landfill can be extended since it will take longer for it to reach capacity.

The landfill is a major source of revenue for the county and is one of the main reasons the property tax rate has stayed so low in recent years.

&uot;There’s been a recent surge of interest in recycling again,&uot; stated Mayor Bob Spivey at Thursday’s meeting.

The town has had a recycling program in place since 1992, but many people do not have the necessary bins in order to take advantage of the program.

The bins can be picked up from the town hall for a nominal fee.

&uot;Right now we take glass, cans, paper, and plastics. Curb-side pickup is done once a week on the same day as regular trash pickup,&uot; Town Manager Alan Castelloe said in a phone interview.

The town has a recycling building in which products are stored until there is enough of each item to take them to market, where they are then sold and recycled for other uses.

Money received by the town through sale of the goods goes right back into the recycling program, according to Castelloe.

&uot;The Commissioners want to re-emphasize recycling in an effort to reduce the trash household garbage input into the landfill,&uot; he stated.

For more information on the Windsor’s recycling program, call the town hall at 794-2331.