Sheriff seeks would-be robbers

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 29, 2007

GATESVILLE – The screams of a store clerk prevented a robbery, and perhaps bodily harm, here Tuesday afternoon.

Just prior to closing, a subject entered Gatesville Pharmacy, located at US 158 Bypass and NC 37. Described as tall and dressed in a dark blue or black shirt and dark pants with a mask or bandana covering his face, the subject was noticed carrying a shotgun.

“At that instant, one of the store clerks began yelling that the subject had a gun and he stopped, turned and exited the pharmacy,” Gates County Sheriff Ed Webb said.

Meanwhile, Sheriff Webb said the other clerks and customers within the pharmacy sought secured areas for protection.

“Fortunately, the armed suspect left without fully entering the store,” Webb said. “I really think the screams of the store clerk perhaps spooked him off.”

Sheriff Webb added that a second suspect trailed the first man, but never entered the store. The sheriff added the second suspect was described as short with dark clothing and a mask or bandana covering their face.

“Both suspects were completely covered, so the clerks did not have any idea of their race,” Webb said.

Sheriff Webb said a small, white vehicle (unknown make or model) was seen leaving the area of the pharmacy. It was traveling east on US 158 Bypass.

No money or merchandise was stolen nor was anyone injured during the possible robbery attempt.

Anyone with information concerning this robbery is urged to contact the Gates County Sheriff’s Office (357-0210).

“It doesn’t matter how trivial a person thinks the information is, it could help lead us to the persons we are seeking in this case,” Webb said.