New ‘spin’ to simple message

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 16, 2007

AHOSKIE – The message was simple: dreams can be reality.

Monday morning the students of Ahoskie Christian School were treated to the sights and sounds of Dexter Williams as he talked about them living their dreams while holding their attention by performing a variety of tricks with a basketball.

“Let other people follow you,” Williams said. “That’s the message. You do right and find what you’re good at and take it to the next level.”

Williams has spoken in school presentations, churches, outreach programs, youth conventions and basketball camps. He toured with the “Harlem Legends,” some of the greatest Harlem Globetrotters of all time.

During that time he created his own basketball handling show to inspire, encourage and motivate people of all ages.

After being introduced to the students at ACS by David Beard, Williams began by talking about his faith.

“Behind all the basketball stuff is my faith,” Williams said. “I can speak to you about your gifting.”

He told students that as he prepared for the speaking engagement, his mind settled on the word model and told them they were all role models.

“I simply stopped by to help you find what you’re good at,” he stressed.

While using students Trent Davidson and Ethan Williams as his assistants, Williams demonstrated several basketball tricks, but at the same time spoke to both teachers and students about continuing their work.

“Teachers don’t quit teaching,” he said. “You may have the future President of the United States in your classroom.”

Williams played junior varsity basketball and averaged 40 points per game when he was a student, but failed to catch the eye of his varsity coach and was cut twice.

He said he almost quit, but people in his life, including an eleventh grade teacher, talked him into continuing to work at basketball. Because of his gift, he has been able to speak and perform in 48 states and 17 foreign countries.

He also played at Hampton University where he holds the record for most three-pointers made in one contest (13).

“There’s a Dexter Williams in this room,” he told teachers. “There’s a Michael Jordan in this room. There’s a David Beard in this room.

“There was an eleventh grade teacher who encouraged me to follow my dreams,” he added. “Now she goes with me everywhere I go and she speaks through me.”

In closing, Williams called on Hertford County Sheriff Juan Vaughan, Ahoskie Christian School Boy’s Basketball Coach Bill Mitchell and others to participate in a basketball demonstration.

“As you guys are laughing, this is ministry,” he said. “Dreams do come true.”

Afterwards, Sheriff Vaughan said he was pleased with the program.

“He is an excellent motivational speaker,” Vaughan said. “I hope we have him back in the area again soon.”

Williams also spoke Monday at C.S. Brown and Riverview Elementary School.