Crash data is cause for concern

Published 12:00 am Friday, May 11, 2007

AHOSKIE – Two of the Ahoskie area’s most accident-prone inter were cause for concern during Tuesday’s meeting of the Ahoskie Town Council.

During the public input session, Ahoskie businessman Hal Daniels distributed the crash data compiled over the past 16 years at the NC 11/NC 561 and the infamous “11&11” inter.

“Despite numerous efforts to make these inter safer, safety issues remain at both,” Daniels said.

The crash data, as recorded and documented by the North Carolina Department of Transportation, revealed 71 total accidents at the NC 11/NC 561 intersection from 1990-2006. Five motorists have lost their lives. At 11&11, a total of 116 crashes have occurred during the same time frame. Four accidents resulted in fatalities. A fifth person has lost their life there this year.

“This is not just an Ahoskie problem, it’s a problem for anyone driving through these inter,” Daniels said. “I’m thinking that additional signage and warning devices will help grab the driver’s attention. We need to do something; the next wreck, the next fatality could be one of us sitting in this room or one of our family members or friends.”

First Sgt. Kenny Pitts of the North Carolina Highway Patrol’s office in Ahoskie also addressed the same issue at Tuesday’s meeting.

“These two inter directly impact Ahoskie,” First St. Pitts said. “I going to ask the state for everything we can get to make these two inter safer.”

At the top of his list, Pitts said he would ask for overpasses and cloverleaf access roads.

“That request may not be granted, but I’m going to ask anyway,” he stated. “The Highway Patrol is always seeking ways to make our highways safer. With a heavier volume of traffic now on our local roads, we’ve got to do everything we can to ensure the motoring public arrives safely at their destination.”

Daniels suggested that the town of Ahoskie send a letter to North Carolina DOT in support of an effort to further safeguard those inter.