No more strippers

Published 12:00 am Saturday, April 14, 2007

WINDSOR – What town officials believed to be obvious will now be stated in black and white.

During Thursday morning’s regular meeting of the Windsor Board of Commissioners, the group unanimously approved changes in the town policy concerning use of the Windsor Community Building.

The town officials adopted a change in policy to require that all uses of the Windsor Community Building will be for the express purpose of family-oriented gatherings and family entertainment.

This came on the heels of a complaint received by the town in reference to a group using the facility.

Mayor Bob Spivey told the board he had received a complaint that the community building was used for a purpose that was not consistent with its intent.

According to the mayor, a male stripper allegedly performed when a group rented the building recently.

“We’ve searched the rules and regulations and other than to say the police have a right to monitor it, there is nothing to prevent adult-type activity,” Spivey said. “I think this caught everybody off guard because we’ve never had anything like this before.”

Spivey said he believed the town should have a policy to prevent that type of adult entertainment from happening at the community building again.

“We need the correct wording on adult entertainment,” Commissioner Bob Brown said. “How would you word it?”

Spivey said he believed the wording would be important.

He then suggested the easiest answer may be to confine activity at the center to family-type entertainment.

“It is there to promote family and community,” the mayor insisted.

Brown said the town could also require the approval of Town Administrator Alan Castelloe or Police Chief Rodney Hoggard before any entertainment was held at the center.

Commissioner Charles W.D. Fulk said he believed the phrase “family entertainment” should cover all activities that would be condoned at the town facility.

Commissioner Hoyt Cooper suggested the town take a look at the policy used by the Bertie Aging Center in regards to renting that facility.

Spivey asked the board to grant the authority to the town administrator and mayor to provide the correct wording, but that it would be consistent with the facility being for family entertainment.

Brown made the motion to grant that authority with Fulk offering a second. It passed by a unanimous vote.