Two-county chase nets drug arrest

Published 12:00 am Monday, April 9, 2007

AULANDER – A chase that covered two counties ended in the arrest of an Aulander man and also landed the suspect in the hospital here last week.

Booker Tarrow Jenkins, 25 of 204 Dunning Road, was arrested by Aulander Police Chief Jimmy Barmer. Jenkins was charged with felony possession with intent to sale and deliver crack cocaine,

misdemeanor failing to stop for blue lights and siren and resist delay and obstruct an officer.

Jenkins was placed under a $210,000 secured bond and transported to the Hertford County Jail.

The arrest was made at Jenkins’ residence in Hertford County, just north of Aulander off NC 305. There it took at least five law enforcement officers to subdue the suspect who Barmer described as “very combative.”

“The entire time I was following him in my vehicle up until just prior to us making the arrest, it was very obvious to me that Mr. Jenkins was eating something and washing it down with water,” Barmer said. “I could plainly see what was being consumed by Mr. Jenkins was a white substance and my law enforcement training and experience led me to believe it was cocaine.”

Barmer said the incident began as he and Bertie County Sheriff’s deputies were setting up a traffic checking station on Commerce Street in Aulander on April 3.

“I rode down toward Horton’s Church Road, still in Bertie County, when I noticed a vehicle traveling towards Aulander where the driver was operating the vehicle without a seat belt,” Barmer said. “I turned around in order to pursue the vehicle at which time the vehicle increased its speed and then turned left onto Dunning Road.”

At that point, Barmer said he activated the blue lights on his vehicle.

“It was then I noticed the driver putting something to his mouth and start eating and then drinking water,” Barmer reported.

“He failed to stop so I cut my siren on and he still failed to stop, steady eating something and drinking water and looking back at me.”

Barmer continued, “He then turned into 204 Dunning Road and started to go around the trailer still eating something.

He failed to stop after going in circles around the trailer several times.

I got beside him and he kept looking at me, throwing up his hands at me. It was when I got along beside him that I could see what he was eating was a white substance and he kept on drinking water behind it.”

Barmer said this went on for several minutes until Bertie Deputies Roebuck, Askew and Perry arrived along with Trooper Genao of the State Highway Patrol.

“Once they arrived I was still chasing the driver around the trailer,” Barmer said.

“Then I exited my vehicle and chased the driver on foot, reaching his passenger window with my service weapon drawn and leaned in the passenger’s window with him still driving.”

Jenkins finally stopped his vehicle at which time Barmer said a brief struggle ensued.

“We had to fight him to the ground,” Barmer said. “Once on the ground I tried to cuff him and he still refused.

I was able to get the cuffs behind him and was able to retrieve what I believed to be cocaine from his mouth. He stated that it was not cocaine and that I could test it.”

Barmer said he repeatedly ask Jenkins if he had consumed cocaine in an effort to call for medical attention if needed. He said Jenkins continued to deny he had consumed cocaine.

Deputy Roebuck and Barmer transported Jenkins to the Hertford County Sheriff’s Office where warrants were drawn.

Deputy Archer of the Hertford County Sheriff’s Office served the warrants.

“As we were taking the subject back to the jail, I again asked him if he had swallowed anything and if he had he needed to let us know because he needed immediate medical attention,” Barmer said.

“I explained to him that I was not worried about the drugs as much as I was his health, but he still refused treatment.”

Barmer said it wasn’t long after leaving Winton he learned that Jenkins was transported to Roanoke-Chowan Hospital for an apparent overdose.

“He was admitted into the hospital and was placed in ICU where he was treated,” Barmer said.

The Aulander Chief thanked the assistance of Bertie and Hertford County law enforcement as well as the Highway Patrol.

“Without cooperation this arrest may have not happened,” Barmer noted. “Even though it started in Bertie County and ended up in Hertford County it was an arrest that helped both counties by keeping this poison off our streets and away from our kids.

There are no boundaries for our drug dealers and with this arrest we have shown them that there are no boundaries for enforcing the drug laws in our judicial district.”