Still hazy after all these years

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 13, 2007

As we watch the 2008 presidential election evolve into the inevitable brouhaha that we will have before us next year, watching Barack Obama being hoisted up as the great black hope has already begun to wear me down.

I know you that many of you are saying; Sheesh Curly, are there any black candidates that you do like?

Yes, unfortunately most of them are too good of people to consider running for a political office (drum hit).

I like Obama; in fact I like him quite a bit.

I would like very much to see him run for the U.S. Senate again or, even better, Governor of Illinois.

The media’s darling candidate is obviously a very intelligent, insightful gentleman who has a good grasp on the pulse of the general public.

He also has a Bill Clintonesque ability to make people feel as though he feels their pain and sees eye to eye with them.

Those characteristics will surely work in his favor as his political future blossoms.

Until recently, however, Obama has not enough political clout to think that he could get very much legislation passed.

For that matter he has not had enough time in service dealing with many of the hot button topics that will serve as sound bite fuel for whoever gets voted into the White House, and his father’s last name is not Bush.

Like any other black American, it is indeed a delight to see someone of color who knows enough about the game to garner the respect of the multitude of political pundits covering this historical race.

Unfortunately, as much as I want to stand up and do a jig every time I see the Illinois Senator on television, I smell a rat.

I do not see the Republicans coming up with a very viable candidate who could defeat my girl Hillary Clinton in a head-to-head race.

Rudy Giulani? Please, if you think convincing the old heads in the Midwest and the south to vote for a black man or a woman is a hard sell, try getting them to vote for a New Yawk Italian, (pronounced eye-tal-ean round dem’ parts).

McCain might actually be the best candidate currently in the field, but his waffling and flip-flopping on key issues are going to put him in a very precarious position at the GOP convention.

Mitt Romney’s obsession with leading the public to heaven will be too much for many people to take seriously.

Sam Brownback? President Brownback? Sounds too screwy.

The best hope for the Republican Party is Barak Obama.

I believe that in spite of the racial tension that still underlies much of our society, the relationship between whites and blacks is much stronger than the relationship between whites and any other ethnic group in America.

While Clinton could possible steal the soccer mom vote from the GOP, Obama could weaken her enough to have democrats seriously considering a Gore/Edwards ticket, a ticket that a McCain/Giuliani grouping could easily slaughter.

If the Democrats want to win the White House next year, they need to push, no shove, Clinton to the highest mountain in the land and stand firmly behind her regardless of whatever the right wing conspiracy (Clinton’s favorite enemies) throws at her.

What I see with Obama is the illusion that the country is finally ready for a black man to represent us in full view of the world.

I don’t care how many of them show up at Hollywood fund raisers and public rallies in support of ‘political soul brother number one’, I just don’t believe that tens of millions of white voters will close the curtain behind them on Election Tuesday and actually cast a vote for him.

This not the television show ‘24’ and there will be no Keifer Sutherland character to call Obama and tell him in three decibels lower than everyone else around him is speaking to say “Mr. President, the good-old-boys are coming to get you, and by the way, do you have a throat lozenge?”

The prospect of seriously considering either a woman or minority for the office of president is a concept long overdue, but in my opinion we’ll need black and female candidates in both parties to see the notion come to fruition.

Next year’s presidential race is turning into the political equivalent of American Idol, and right now Obama is hot, hot, hot!

But until a black man is arbitrarily welcome in the homes of white America physically, I don’t see him being welcome ideologically either.

So, politicians have finally figured out how to use to black vote constructively, as a divider.

So what’s new about that?

Do you remember Rodney King standing in front of a podium trying to calm down rioting citizens of Los Angeles after officers who beat him senseless were aquitted in court for violating his civil rights?

“Can’t we all just get along?”

Yes we can all get along, as long as we keep our distance from each other.

Which is why I don’t see Obama winning the Democratic nomination, let alone the presidency.

Until white America recognizes social injustices and steps up to rectify it without the aid of black or hispanic citizens, there is no resaon to belive that the climate of racism in this country has gone anywhere.

We have figured out how to get along, but

that doesn’t mean we actually like each other.

I know that sounds pretty harsh but it’s true.

I have spent almost a year detailing the viewpoint of many black Americans concerning race relations in America in particular in this region.

Honestly I do not feel as though I have accomplished very much at all.

Aside from winning a writing award, I have not affected the mindset of my community.

It might of been very idealistic of me to think that I could actually make a difference in society, even a society as small as the one we live in, but the reality of the situation is that the hatred and distrust that exists among black and white America runs too deep to fathom any sort of reconcilliation.

I know most religious people belive there is an Armegeddon type of event on the horoizon (yeah it’s called a meteor).

That’s what it will take for people to begin to stand unified as human beings and not as races of human beings.

If God almighty was to descend to earth today and proclaim that we must all learn to love each other or perish in flames, I think somebody better make a b-line toward the fire extinguishers.

I told Judge Cy Grant last month that many times when I am asked to speak to groups, I feel as though they are not really concerned with what I think, I’m just the ‘talking monkey’ entertainment.

Soon enough, Obama will begin to feel the same way.