Felony drug charges filed

Published 12:00 am Monday, March 5, 2007

JACKSON – One drug bust led to another last week.

A Seaboard man was arrested Friday on drug charges by the Northampton County Sheriff’s Narcotics Division. That came on the heels of a drug arrest in Roanoke Rapids earlier the same day where the suspect in that case gave information linking the marijuana found in his possession back to a Seaboard residence.

According to Captain George Reed of the Northampton Narcotics Division, Junius Cotton of 285 Bethel Road, Seaboard was arrested Friday on three felonies. Those charges were possession with intent to sale, manufacture and deliver crack cocaine, manufacturing marijuana and maintaining a dwelling to keep controlled substances.

Cotton, who was jailed under a $25,000 secured bond, was also charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, a misdemeanor. He made his first court appearance yesterday (Monday).

Captain Reed said Cotton’s arrest stemmed from Friday’s incident in Roanoke Rapids. There, nearly 20 pounds of marijuana was seized from the residence of Kenji Mason. Information gained from that drug bust led back to Cotton.

“We were contacted Friday by the Roanoke Rapids Police Department in regards to the arrest they made,” Reed said. “They shared information with us that led us to obtain a search warrant for Mr. Cotton’s residence.”

Armed with that warrant, Reed and several Northampton County Sheriff deputies searched Cotton’s residence, discovering 15 hits of crack cocaine (valued at $20 per hit) as well as marijuana in a kitchen drawer. A further search turned-up a large marijuana plant growing in a storage shed on the property. Reed said one plant was able to yield approximately $2,500 worth of marijuana.

Crack pipes were also discovered in the residence.