Colerain raid nets drugs, cash

Published 12:00 am Friday, February 9, 2007

COLERAIN – It was a good day with a sad twist.

Those were the feelings of Bertie County law enforcement officers here Tuesday where, on a positive note, they were able to keep over 50 grams of crack cocaine from hitting the streets.

However, on a sad note, there were small children in the home at the time of the arrest.

The Bertie County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Division arrested Shontell Danyell Taylor, 30, (aka Shawn Taylor) on Tuesday at his residence located at 419A, Hwy. 42 East, Colerain.

Taylor faces four felony charges n two counts of possession with intent to sell crack cocaine and one count each of trafficking in crack cocaine (more than 28 grams) and maintaining a dwelling as a place to keep, store and sell crack cocaine.

He was placed in the Bertie-Martin Regional Jail under a $200,000 bond.

“As long as individuals think they can act outside the law, we’ll keep sending the message that we have a zero tolerance for those who choose to live this illegal lifestyle in Bertie County,” Bertie Sheriff Greg Atkins said. “I commend the officers involved in this case for the work it took to bring Mr. Taylor to justice.”

That work began after the Narcotics Division received several complaints concerning Taylor selling cocaine from his residence. After determining that the complaints were valid, the Narcotics unit went to work developing probable cause for a search warrant.

Narcotics Division Detective Sgt. Frank Timberlake and Detective Kenny Gilliam obtained a search warrant and then solicited help from other members of the Bertie law enforcement community to make the arrest.

Aided by Aulander Police Chief, Jimmy Barmer and Windsor Police Officer Ricky Morris, the team served the warrant at approximately 5 p.m. on Tuesday. Upon entering the residence, the officers witnessed Taylor apparently making an attempt to flee. However, after a brief struggle, Morris was able to apprehend Taylor

Upon serving the warrant, approximately seven grams of crack cocaine, packaged for sale, was found on Taylor’s person. A further search of the residence revealed approximately 45 grams of crack cocaine, packaged for sale in over 100 hits, as well as over $700in US currency was seized.

“This was a good arrest, anytime you can keep over 100 hits of crack from hitting our streets it’s been a good day,” Timberlake said.

The sad news with the arrest was the innocent children in the home at the time law enforcement officials entered to serve the warrant.

“I really don’t believe that people who choose to deal drugs take into consideration how much fear they expose their own children to, as was in this case when we raided a house where small children are involved,” Timberlake noted. “It really hurts an officer to see the fear that the child is exposed to when we have to forcefully enter a home.

We are just thankful none of them were hurt.”