Homosexual spades

Published 12:00 am Monday, January 29, 2007

If you’ve never played the card game ‘Spades’ before, it’s not that difficult to learn, in fact it’s like Hearts, only with spades instead of hearts (huh?).

You know what I mean; one suit is stronger than all the rest and so forth and so on.

Today we will play without the jokers and the deuce is in fact just that, a deuce.

Today’s game will be between the homosexual community and me, with the key word being ‘community’.

The gay community has surged in recent years to occupy a status in politics and society that was unheard of as recently as 10 years ago.

Is the new gay community a positive thing for America? Our children? The human race?

You see a community implies shared ideals, common goals and a single agenda.

It is for that reason that I do not necessarily count people who may be inclined to engage in acts of a bisexual or even a homosexual nature.

(Two books to the gay community.)

Rather my debate is aimed at those who create a community of homosexuality and profess an allegiance with minority groups such as Blacks, Hispanics, Asians and disabled Americans as if there is some shared suffrage between the sons and daughters of slaves and homosexuals.

(I’ll take the next two books thank you.)

I really do not care what an adult does with another consenting adult.

People should be free to do whatever it is that makes them happy as long as it does not infringe on another individual’s human or civil rights.

I’m not even bothered by homosexuality as a lifestyle choice.

(One more book for me.)

What I am getting a little concerned about, no, disturbed about, is the proliferation of school aged children who have begun claiming their preference for the homosexual lifestyle, when in theory they aren’t even supposed to be having sex.

(A book to gay community for my impracticality.)

Now, nobody is naive enough to think that there is anything a parent, educator or clergyman can say that will stop most teenagers from experimenting with sex.

Most of us, not all, but certainly most of us were sexually active in some shape form or fashion before we left out parent’s households.

The fact the youth do some of that experimenting with friends of the same sex is not even beyond the norm.

But usually, because heterosexuality is still considered the norm for most of society, children understood that if they were messing around they did not make a public spectacle of it.

(I’ll take that book and the lead 4-3.)

The homosexual argument would of course be that in today’s politically correct, ultra-liberal, queer eye for everybody society, children who years ago would forced to suppress their homosexual nature for fear of violence and ridicule are now free to come &uot;out of the closet&uot;.

Gay people have always argued that they were born gay.

(I’ll give the gay community a book for that extremely rational argument; game tied 4-4.)

Another strong argument is that gay couples are not necessarily together just because of some deviant sexual nature, but rather they desire and express the same love, bonding and emotional attachment that people in the heterosexual community assume are only concepts for straight people.

(Pretty good stuff there, easily worth two books. Score: gay community 6

Curly 4. With only three books remaining I’d better pick up the pace!)

Unfortunately the last argument, which appears to weigh heavily toward the gay community, proves my point more so than theirs.

As we watch our children move further and further away from the moral center that has held our society together for so long, it is important that we start to address the stimuli that are being presented to them on a day-to-day basis.

The fact that so many children in today’s schools are openly professing the homosexual lifestyle says two things; firstly that they are being presented with more and more varying images of a sexual nature that include them as central characters in a developing mindset whose agenda is one of recruitment and retention.

Sort of like tobacco companies.

(Didn’t know I had the queen huh?)

Secondly, that there is an element in either the school systems or the government that has encouraged this growth by restructuring protocols for dealing with overt sexual activities in school.

With the ever-increasing incidences of teachers and clergymen having sex with underage students in our society, it is obvious that this element has viewed youth as part of this developing mindset, instead of seeing them as citizens whose innocence must be guarded until they are mentally capable of making rational choices about issues such as sex, love and relationships.

(My bad, I didn’t mean to let that King fall out of my sleeve. Uh-oh who has the Ace?)

Lastly, let Curly Morris go on the record as saying this, spades game or not.

In the human condition, whether we view ourselves as centerpieces in a plan of a supreme being or merely the first species to develop opposable thumbs, the bottom line is this. The survival of Homo sapiens depends on one thing more than any other, reproduction of the species.

So I say to the gay community, unless you envision God coming to earth and performing several billion acts of immaculate conception, it seems beyond logical that while deviant sexual activity, (and I use the word deviant lightly), may be a course of action that allows you the most satisfying condition of bonding, know for a certainty that if that ideal was adopted by the majority of humanity, surely our species would face extinction.

Which in itself implies an action detrimental to the survival of mankind.

I have yet to see lions, monkeys, whales, rabbits, squirrels, dogs, cats, chickens, cows or any other species central to the survival of mother earth collectively adopt a policy of homosexuality as an inclusive condition.

They all want to live.

Even though I have heard many homosexuals reconstruct the interpretation of scriptures to suit their specific needs, I am yet to see the gay community produce a &uot;gay god&uot; who only created one sex.

You know where you can find thriving asexual activity; in the world of insects (and from what I’ve read lately, the nearly extinct kimono dragon).

Yeah, many bugs can reproduce without the need of a sex partner.

Which makes a lot of sense because one thing for sure, going to school after school after school and seeing so much open ‘gayness’ really bugs the hell out of me.

(The sound you hear is my ace crashing down on the playing table.)

Peace, holla back.