Trio robs Powellsville market

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 17, 2007

POWELLSVILLE – For the second time in less than two weeks, the Bertie Sheriff’s Office is investigating an armed robbery of a market/convenience store.

The latest robbery occurred at approximately 8:39 p.m. on Tuesday at the RGS Market #5, located on US 13 North in Powellsville.

There, according to information provided by Bertie Sheriff’s Detective Sgt. Ed Pittman, three black males entered the market. At least one of the suspects was seen carrying a handgun.

Pittman confirmed that he has a good lead on the identity of one of the three suspects.

“The armed suspect approached the checkout counter where the store’s co-owner was working,” Pittman said. “The suspect pointed the handgun at the co-owner and demanded money, a command to which the co-owner obliged.”

Pittman said after taking the undisclosed amount of cash, the suspect pointed his weapon at a second clerk in the store and told that person, “don’t (expletive deleted) move.”

According to Pittman, a second suspect then reached his hand inside a box of cigars located at the checkout counter and removed 35 cigars.

At that time the three suspects left the market. They were last seen on foot heading towards the downtown area of Powellsville.

Pittman said each of the suspects wore a bandana over the bottom of their faces and a do-rag

on top of their heads. No other description of the suspects was given.

“I’m scheduled to meet with one eyewitness to the robbery,” said Pittman in regards to a meeting that was to be held yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon. “That witness was preparing to enter the market from the gas pump area at the time the robbery was occurring.”

Pittman said he was hoping that interview as well as additional discussions with the co-owner and two clerks will help develop leads on the other two suspects.

Meanwhile, Pittman continues to investigate the Jan. 3 armed robbery of White’s Cross Grocery on Wakelon Road.

One arrest has been made in that case. Katina Yvonne Watford, 27, of Colerain was arrested Jan. 5 by Pittman.

While Pittman said that Watford was not inside the store at the time of the robbery, she was charged with aiding and abetting an armed robbery.

Pittman said he continues to seek information that will lead him to the two black males involved in the actual robbery. He added he had no information at the present time to lead him to believe the White’s Cross and Powellsville robberies were connected.

In the White’s Cross robbery, both suspects were armed and wore hooded jackets and scarves covering the top portion of their faces.

Those with information on either robbery are urged to contact the Bertie Sheriff’s Office at 332-5330.